Mt. Zion United Methodist Church is a church with a great past but believes its greatest days lie ahead.


Included in the wide range of exciting plans for the future, this group is developing plans for the Senior Campus (just 1/4 mile south of the church on Zion Avenue) and the Main Church Campus.

In addition to the skilled care facility which has already opened on the Senior Campus, the rest of the property has been rezoned.  Soon, the Senior Campus Board hopes to complete the plans that are two-fold:  senior housing and the building of a Senior Ministry Center.  

Current plans include development for residential housing (24 independent "quad" homes and an 80 unit apartment-style complex.  The housing option development will provide for the building of a Senior Ministry Center, owned and operated by Mt Zion as an outreach to the whole community.

Mt. Zion Cares about Seniors

The community of Cornelius has long and deep roots in a faith tradition of people caring for people. Developing the Senior Campus is a way of honoring the faith principles and rich community heritage of this church.


Keeping Seniors Close to Lifelong Friends, Church, and Community

We have been especially moved by the reality that so many seniors, at a certain stage of life, have to move away from family, church or friends for the care life requires with advancing years.

The Mt. Zion Senior Campus will offer multi-faceted support services and quality care for seniors that keeps them close to lifelong friends, church, and community.


Bringing a 10-Year Vision Process by Mt. Zion United Methodist Church to Life

In partnership with other organizations, the Senior Campus, fully developed, will include four beneficial and life-enriching components.

Responding to a Need

We are also responding to the increasing number of senior citizens who moved into this community to be near children or grandchildren.

After leaving long established homes, friendships, and churches, the Mt. Zion Senior Campus can offer a welcome "new home" in a friendly, caring, faith-centered, deeply rooted church outreach.

Sharing Our Love for Seniors in Life-Enriching Ways!

We invite you to visit the new Senior Campus during one of our upcoming open house events, and discover the many ways the fully developed campus can change lives for our seniors and their families, our church, and our community for many years to come!'