college adoption program

Mt. Zion is blessed to have 40 college students who will soon be starting a new academic year at various universities. If you would like to support our college students and let them know that their church family still cares about them as they face the challenges of college life, especially in such an uncertain year of 2020/2021,  here’s your calling to adopt or sponsor a student. If you ADOPT a college student, you are responsible for contacting him/her once a month through cards and/or small gift cards or fun surprises starting Oct. 2020 through April 2021. You will be given the student’s adoption papers in September that will provide their name and mailing information. If you SPONSOR a student, the Mt. Zion College Adoption Program committee members (MZCAP) will mail a card each month and a gift card in November and April to your student for you. Your name will appear in the cards as the sponsor. Sponsoring a student is $40.00. Send in a check to Mt. Zion UMC and note on the memo line - College Adoption Program. Individuals, Sunday School Classes or study groups may sponsor students. Please contact me by email at by September 1 if you wish to adopt or sponsor a student. Thank you for caring about our college young adults. 


College Students: Please contact me if you are interested in being adopted/sponsored for the school year. You must enroll in the MZCAP each year by September 1st if you want to be part of the ministry, even if you were in the program last year and your contact information hasn’t changed. Please note that you can be a virtual/online, commuter, or on campus resident student and still be part of this ministry.